Ugly Sturgeon Due

The Ugly Sturgeon Contest:

To celebrate the annual sturgeon spawn on the Fox River, we are holding our Sturgeon Celebration on April 13th. As part of this event, we are having an "ugly sturgeon" craft contest. Let's face it, real sturgeon aren't pretty- but they're still awesome!

Starting this March 18th, anyone can take a papier-mâché fish home and decorate it. The creator(s) of the ugliest fish will receive $25 in Chamber Bucks, which can be spent at any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Like last year, the number of winners will depend on how many people enter the contest. Last year, we had 25 fish for people to decorate- this year we will have 50. If we have enough entries, we may have a "people's choice award," where people attending the Sturgeon Celebration on April 13 vote for their favorite fish.

 Ugly fish need to be turned in to the library by Monday, April 8th. All ugly fish will be on display at the Sturgeon Celebration on Saturday, April 13th from 10am-2pm.

What's "ugly?" YOU decide! Flashing Christmas lights and sequins? Multicolor neon paint? Celebrity faces instead of scales? Tissue paper fur? It's all fair game- but please keep entries PG/family-friendly.

The papier-mâché fish are supplied by Whimsy Mountain (check out their awesome art supplies and projects). Prizes are sponsored by the Princeton WI Chamber of Commerce. Thank you!


2023 Winners:

Most Realistic Sturgeon:  The Boese family
A predatory (but somewhat nearsighted) green sturgeon hiding in tall grass reminds us of the sturgeon on the banks of the Fox River during the spawning.

Prettiest Sturgeon: Cathy Eckart
With multicolor 3D scales, gold and pearl ornaments, and lovely painted glass eyes, this fish is too pretty to be a sturgeon, but too well-done not to get a prize.

Wackiest Sturgeon: Zodrow family
The zany hair, bulbous eyes, and unique coloring of this fish make it stand out!

Funniest Sturgeon:  Karen Kelsey
“Stan” the snorkeling sturgeon apparently can’t breathe under water,
but does have amazing fashion sense.

Most Creative Sturgeon: Chris Goulet
Changing the body style and length of the template paper mâché fish,
then covering it with zany fabric made “Stella” stand out.

Ugliest Sturgeon: Beck family
The organic elements on this fish (including real animal teeth, moss, feathers, and egg shells) add an extra-gross dimension!

ugly sturgeon

ugly sturgeon winners

ugly sturgeon with dog fur

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