Black Bridge Clean Up

The main span of Princeton's "Black Bridge" was built in 1901, making 2021 its 120th birthday! Unfortunately, much of the bridge’s beauty is covered by graffiti and litter. If anyone is
interested in helping us clean up of the bridge and trail, please meet us at 1pm on the bridge on Sunday May 2nd.

Tabitha Pierce and American Family Insurance will be sponsoring the event, bringing garbage bags, graffiti remover, water, and snacks. The library will bring disposable gloves for volunteers. Let's clean up our community!

For a map of the parking areas and cleanup location, please look below.

About the bridge:

Princeton's "Black Bridge" is a beautiful spot on the Fox River, where many people have hiked, picnicked, and taken graduation photos.
This railroad bridge was originally built as a swing bridge, meaning the entire bridge would pivot on its central support and instead of connecting the two banks, both ends would hang over the river.
This allowed steamboats and other large vessels to pass through. Today of course the bridge doesn't move, the tracks were removed, and most of the structure in the middle of the river is gone.


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